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Ways To Reduce Roaming Charges

Do you have a smartphone? Do you like to travel abroad? If so it, it helps to be aware of potentially high "roaming charges" when people use their phones outside of their own country. Just ask these people, who had to deal with cellphone bills of $22,000, $18,000, and even a shocking $37,000!

All of these amounts are lots of money for watching videos on YouTube, surfing the Internet, and simply using data while overseas.

If you love to travel, but don't love astronomical cellphone bills upon your return home, you will need to take extra care with how you use your phone. Thankfully, here are some collected tips on ways you can reduce or avoid roaming charges on your phone. Don't let your next cellphone bill catch you unawares!

Turn On Airplane Mode

When you are on an airplane, they will ask you to turn your electronics off when they are about to take off. This way, the signals from your devices will not interfere with the plane’s technology and everyone stays safe.

Of course, you can turn your devices back on during the flight, so long as you turn on airplane mode. This will prevent you from using data and making your cellphone's network.

If you really wish to reduce your roaming charges, keep airplane mode on for the duration of your trip! Your phone will not allow you to use the data that results in the high roaming fees. Many phones, while the airplane mode is on, still allow you to connect to local Wi-Fi signals, so you can still use the Internet.

Look For Wi-Fi

Speaking of Wi-Fi, instead of using data to access the Internet, reduce your roaming charges by harnessing the power of local wireless signals where you are vacationing. Many hotels will offer Wi-Fi, though it may not always be complimentary. Beyond hotels, you can find WiFi signals at coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and many other public locations.

Turn Off Updates

Sometimes your phone likes to update itself, which often requires network data. You can turn this off so that you must approve each update, or check to make sure that the updates can only happen on a Wi-Fi signal. Either way, the amount of data you use will be reduced, as will your roaming charges.

Keep Smartphone Off

It is a drastic measure to be sure, but you can keep your smartphone off while you are travelling. You won't get charged for something you're not using.

Turn Off Data Roaming

Some smartphones actually have a data roaming function that you turn slide on or off. Switching it off prevents you from incurring those charges. Watch carefully to make sure you don't toggle this option on accidentally.

Use iRoam Service

What happens if you still need to use your phone to make a few calls or search a few things online when you are travelling? While you can still do so with the options above, it can be expensive, depending on your provider and service plan.

iRoam is a prepaid service with exceptional global coverage and affordable rates for Europe, the US, and globally. Using this service while abroad can save you up to 90% of the roaming costs your cellular provider will charge you. There are no hidden fees, no contracts, and you only pay for what you use. A single SIM card with iRoam is valid for up to six months. That is all you need!

For more information, read about the benefits of a global SIM card on the iRoam website.

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