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Mobile Usage

Learn from actionable real-time insights into mobile usage and make better decisions.

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Unlock the data black box.

Learn from actionable real-time insights into mobile usage. By understanding how your employees use mobile data, and across which applications and websites, you can get the best out of your enterprise mobile investment.

By knowing how users engage with apps and consume data, you can drive productivity improvements, reduce the risk of data loss and improve your cost management. For example you can ensure you have the right data roaming plans in place or introduce an expense management policy without needing dual device personas. Mobile data intelligence helps you maximise the return on your enterprise mobility investment.

Wandera View benefits

Get the most from your data plans and proactively manage your cost exposure and content access based on actual usage metrics.


As mobile data passes through our in-line cloud proxy, Wandera is in a unique position to report on data both in a highly granular way and in real-time. Available parameters include content destinations, classification and types, and from where, when and by whom. All data is reported within a maximum of 60 seconds in our admin portal.



Useful metrics available through intuitive dashboards and digests, with inputs that you can configure based on your own business:

  • Usage of key business applications by department or region.
  • Usage of unapproved cloud apps and other security exposures.
  • Productivity metrics.
  • Split of business versus personal usage.
  • Detailed cost itemization by specific content, application or country.

Learn from actionable real-time insights into mobile usage.

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