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Telecom Expense Management

Control and reduce costs of up to 30% with proactive management of your spending.

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The value of telecom expense management (TEM)

These days telecom expense management (TEM) services are more important than ever. Did you know that you may be paying up to 15% more than necessary for your telecom services?

TEM is about managing your wireless, voice and data environment to increase productivity while reducing risk and cost. iRoam can help your business quickly gain visibility into your communications spend patterns and identify areas for short term and long term savings. Whether applying cash savings from contract consolidation, from overpayments on disputed bills or from the reallocation of staff to your core business, improved telecom expense management contributes directly to your bottom line.

Our premier negotiators have many years of best practices experience in telecommunications optimization and service delivery behind them. We are independent consultants who will work on your behalf to provide advice, assistance, management strategies and solutions specifically designed to minimize time and expenses, while maximizing the efficiency of your company's telecom infrastructure.

Our solution:

  • Invoice auditing / processing
  • Network optimization / diagramming
  • Provisioning / order fulfillment
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Vendor management
  • Contract compliance / negotiation
  • Inventory maangement

Telecom bills represent a potential gold mine of cost savings. Your organization may be overspending on:

  • Mobile device management
  • Wireless services
  • Overlapping telephone networks
  • Carrier contracts
  • Expertise applied to billing and invoice management

Telecom expense management benefits

Our enterprise mobility management service comes with the right technology and consulting expertise to help organizations every step of the way:

Cost reduction

Control and reduce 10% to 30% of your costs on an average, with proactive management of your voice, data and mobile services, devices and networking equipment spending.



Reduce complexity through streamlined, integrated and automated telecom expense management, and reallocate personnel to focus on strategic core competencies.


Improve Profits

Recover credits through an audit or close inspection of your monthly electronic invoice acquisition, validation and dispute of telecom billing errors.



Assure corporate policy and regulatory compliance, and enhance your visibility and control over global telecom expenses through accurate tracking and reporting.

Reduce costs with proactive management of your spending.

Talk to an iRoam telecom expense management expert.

From concept to application, we know the ins and outs of manage your wireless, voice and data environment to increase productivity.