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The Travelling Salesman of the Future:
Staying Connected on the Go

In sales, staying successful means staying connected. When you hit the open road, you can’t afford to leave your clients behind. How does a travelling salesperson stay connected? Cell phones and laptops are essential tools of the trade, of course. But the truly high-tech have a few more tricks up their sleeves. Here’s a taste of what the travelling salesperson of the future keeps in their briefcase.

Pack Some Power

A dead phone brings your work – and your travels – to a dead stop. You know not to leave without the cords and cables that keep your tech alive. But you can’t always count on there being an outlet available on the go.

You need a back-up plan.

If you’re always on the road, pack a portable power charger for reassurance. They let you refuel your devices wherever you are, and they’re getting smaller and more affordable. Think of it as laptop life insurance.

Be Social

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is a business essential.

The client of the future wants to know who you are and see how you interact with others. A socially savvy salesperson can harness the power of social media to create constant, meaningful interaction with their clients. But frequent flyers (or drivers) can have trouble keeping tabs on all the tags and Tweets that populate their various news feeds.

Hootsuite is the social salesperson’s secret weapon. To start, it lays out all your feeds together in an organized, easy-to-skim manner. That way, you won’t miss anything important while you’re away. Even better, you can schedule postings in advance, letting your voice be heard even when you’re in transit.

Embrace the Cloud

When you go, don’t leave your data behind. Information is a salesperson’s most powerful tool. Cloud storage lets you access it anywhere at any time and on any device.

While physical storage has become smaller and more powerful, it can be lost, stolen, or broken in one fateful moment. Cloud storage doesn’t share this fatal flaw. Plus, it’s one less thing weighing down your luggage.

But is your data safe in the cloud? The early hurdles of cloud computing reinforced the importance of data security. Luckily, the security of cloud computing evolved significantly. Today, cloud providers are focused on ensuring the security of customer data. Tools like advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication keep your data safe wherever you take it.

Speak Up

The tools of the trade may have changed, but the principles of salesmanship have not.

Staying connected and building lasting relationships has always been a key to success. There are many ways to stay connected, but nothing beats a personal touch. Sometimes, a simple voice conversation or video call can leave the biggest impact.

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