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Corporate SIM Cards

Connect your workforce with our all-in-one international coverage for voice, text and data.

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Flexible business roaming plans

iRoam's international roaming packages offer convenience with coverage in more than 200 countries, low rates, cost certainty with up to 90% savings.

iRoam's international SIM cards offer the choice of voice , text, or data only roaming, while significantly reducing international roaming costs for the business traveller. Get an always-on access to low roaming rates for voice, text and data in Canada, the Unites States, Europe and globally.

Stay productive anywhere in the world for a lot less.

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iRoam has a wide range of cost-effecient plans and flexible options that's perfect for your travel needs so you can stay connected with your business, customers and family globally.

iRoam international SIM card benefits

Boost productivity and connect your mobile workforce in more places, while significantly reducing your organization's travel expenses.

Global Coverage

You'll need just a single iRoam SIM to use globally in North America, Europe, Caribbean, etc.


Multi-Number SIM

Get a free Canadian, USA, or UK number. You have the option of also adding other international numbers.


No Cost Features

You won't have to worry about extra roaming charges with free incoming SMS and free voicemail.

Cost Reduction

Save up to 90% in roaming with great rates as low as 9¢ in the USA, and 39¢ in Europe.



You can simply choose the roaming coverage service you need - voice, text or data only.


Reliable Connection

We've partnered with the world's best networks like T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and many more.