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Saving Money with iPass: How Much Can Your Company Save?

When you’re taking business on the road, it’s important to connect to your friends, family, and co-workers back home. Choosing the right connection can help you cut costs and improve productivity, giving you a competitive edge.

iPass is the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi service. It offers a network of over 57 million Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 100 countries worldwide. Forrester Consulting interviewed a company with over 100,000 employees about its experience with iPass. The results were clear – the company cut unnecessary expenses and enabled its employees to get more work done on the road.

Here’s how one company saved millions of dollars over three years with iPass.

Boosting Productivity

Before the company used iPass, many of its employees had trouble staying connected during business trips. Poor performance, high cost, and security concerns prevented them from using Wi-Fi in airports. Because of this, employees who often travelled or worked remotely lost an average of 18 hours of productivity per month.

iPass allows employees to seamlessly connect to the Internet in airports across the world. When the company switched to iPass, employees could also seamlessly connect to email and chat throughout their journey. Over three years, the business recovered a total of 118,800 hours of productivity, which saved $9,753,750.

Staying Connected

It was hard enough to connect at the airport. Finding a secure, stable Internet connection at 40,000 feet presented an even bigger problem.

Traditional in-flight Wi-Fi offered low security with high costs. Employees were hesitant to use the in-flight connection, and most shut down their devices for the duration of the flight. This resulted in delays, miscommunication, and hours of lost productivity.

With iPass, in-flight Wi-Fi is stable, secure and less costly than other connections. This encouraged employees to stay in touch during their flights. The resulting increase in productivity saved them another $1,095,116.

Avoiding Expensive Alternatives

Staying connected wasn’t the only problem. When employees did manage to connect on-the-go, it cost the company millions. Travelling employees spent $80 per month on connectivity costs, reimbursed at the business’s expense. The company also had to process these expenses.

iPass streamlined this process. With all its employees using iPass, the company eliminated the monthly connectivity costs.

100% of the company’s workforce was comfortable using iPass to connect within three years. In total, the company avoided paying $4,045,622 in alternate connectivity costs.

How Much Can You Save?

Forrester Consulting found that the company saved $15 million using iPass for three years. And it cost a fraction of that to use, implement, and manage the system. During that time, the business spent just $2.5 million on the iPass system for its 100,000 employees. That’s a 486% return on investment.

iPass isn’t just for large corporate enterprises. iRoam offers iPass services for individuals, small and medium businesses, and enterprises. Any organization can use iPass to keep employees productive, connections secure, and costs predictable.

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