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Machine-to-machine global connectivity

iRoam's market-leading suite of M2M solutions open up a wide range of possibilities for your business to grow and create stronger connections with your customers around the world.

At a glance, machine-to-machine (M2M) technology is driving the Internet of Things (IoT) by powering the connection between devices, machines, and objects to facilitate online data gathering, remote control and process automation.

Our high-quality M2M services are designed to transform business operations from all industries by simplifying process automation, providing more insight to help you enhance services, expand operational efficiencies, reduce cost, and grow your business. In partnership the world's leading carriers, iRoam supports rapid and secure data transfer via GSM, UMTS, or CDMA networks.

Enter the world of M2M and capitalize on the possibilities.

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From concept to application, we know the ins and outs of connecting people, assets and networks.

Ways your business can use M2M

Regardless of whether your business needs M2M managed connectivity or a customized end-to-end solution, iRoam has the right application to help you capitalize on the possibilities.



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Consumer Electronics


Digital Signage

Fleet & Telematics


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Remote Monitoring

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