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iRoam machine-to-machine (M2M) - Retail & Payment

The retail & payment industry is intensely competitive and there is considerable pressure to drive down operating costs, improve efficiency and the end customer service experience and ultimately to increase revenue opportunities.

iRoam's Machine-to-Machine SIMs are now being used in a variety of retail markets including vending, parking, ticketing, ATM and POS terminals. iRoam's Machine-to-Machine SIMs help solve many issues facing the retail industry today and help pave the future of the industry.

We provide our customers with access to a wide range of Machine-to-Machine data tariff plans that are ideally suited for M2M devices. All SIM cards can be fully managed via our online portal and features include the availability to download all data in CSV format as well as being able to scroll through historical data usage. iRoam's Machine-to-Machine SIM cards feature:

  • Data security that is designed for optimal secure connectivity solutions concerning highly sensitive financial or even fiscal data.
  • Custom APN creation designed around your security requirements.
  • Fixed IP SIM Cards that feature cost effective data plans.
  • Real-time reporting of daily CDRs via our online secure portal so you can manage your SIMs usage.
  • Consistent quality of service that guarantees data transmission to be insured any time, at any location.
  • Global roaming at low cost including a fixed rate if available.
  • The capability to roam and provide cell data on 420 GSM mobile networks around the world.

With over 100 million POS terminals, ATMs, vending machines, parking meters and fare collection devices worldwide, iRoam's Machine-to-Machine SIMs enables terminals to be used at new locations where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical. Wireless connectivity has become a very popular option for POS terminals, along with ATMs that are now connected securely to cellular networks.

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