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Keep Your PC Connected While Travelling

For many, there is nothing as exciting as travelling to a gorgeous location overseas. There are places to explore, things to do, new food to eat, and new cultures to immerse yourself in. Travelling can be a wondrous experience, however, travelling overseas can also be pretty stressful. You have to manage the weight of your bags, going through customs in each country, and long, uncomfortable flights.

While you cannot control the flight and other aspects of travel, you can control how your PC connects all around the globe. All you need to do is consider the tips in this article and you will keep your PC connected while you travel!

Tether Your Smartphone

Do you have a smartphone? If so, you are in luck. Most people find that using their phone as a wireless hotspot is the easiest way to connect their laptops to the Internet while they are overseas. All you need on your phone is a data connection; go into your phone’s settings, and there should be a section on data, connectivity, and tethering. The exact name of the section can change based on the kind of phone you have. Look for an option to turn on wireless hotspotting. Now your phone will act as a wireless router. Connect your computer and away you go!

Note that if you are using data from your smartphone, you will need either a roaming plan or a data plan while you are away from your home country. Many carriers offer these packages, even as separate add-ons if you only want data. Some of these plans often echo the product options that iRoam offers.

Purchase Wi-Fi From Hotels

This may come as a surprise, but not all hotels offer free wireless Internet. They may have it available, but in many locations they will require you to purchase your connection or work with a very small data allowance. You can sort out your Internet situation while you book your accommodations, as soon as you book your rooms, or when you arrive at the hotel.

We recommend figuring it out as early as possible, so you know that you have the ability to at least purchase a Wi-Fi connection.

Search for Public Connections

Of course, you can always take the time to search for free wireless signals in public locations. For the most part, your best options are coffee shops and restaurants, although some other businesses and even some public city spaces will offer signals to the public.

Thankfully, the connections in most coffee shops and restaurants are free. This is particularly useful if you only want to check something quickly. However, if you need to use one of these connections for an extended period of time, common courtesy is to at least purchase something from the coffee shop or restaurant you are sitting in. It can be small, like a coffee and pastry, or a full meal. The choice is yours!

Keeping your PC connected while travelling is easy! Use your smartphone, hotel, and public connections to keep in touch in your travels abroad.

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