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iPass Unlimited Global Wi-Fi

No more paying by the minute, no device limitations, no gimmicks and no excuses.

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iPass Unlimited Global Wi-Fi

With iPass you can connect to Wi-Fi on all your devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops - helping to keep you connected to what matters most when you travel.

What do I get with iPass Unlimited?

iPass gives you a single, unified global Wi-Fi service to stay in contact with your work, family and friends whenever you travel on business without incurring roaming costs or network incompatibilities. There's a reason why we are calling it "iPass Unlimited!"

International Inflight Wi-Fi

North American, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC) international Wi-Fi service is available on many airlines, including Delta, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, and more. See the full list of participating airlines here.


Time Limit Unlimited
Data Limit Unlimited
Speed Limit Unlimited
(iPass does not throttle network speeds)
Number of Devices Unlimited
Types of Devices Unlimited
(All iPass-supported OS)
iPass Hotspots (Terrestrial) Unlimited
(All terrestrial hotspot networks)
iPass In-Flight Includes in-flight Wi-Fi except for Gogo, which can be added at an additional charge

Get connected to over 57 million Wi-Fi hotspots in 120 countries and territories.

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