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iPass Open Mobile Portal

The iPass Open Mobile Portal is the web-based interface for administering mobility across the organization. Through the portal you can perform the full spectrum of service life cycle functions: ordering, configuring, deploying, updating, maintaining, and decommissioning services to your users, as well as managing trouble tickets and viewing invoices.

Advanced reporting and analytics are delivered through the portal and the portal also comes with extensive role-based access controls that allow you to delegate functions as needed and easily manage separate internal business units while also getting a consolidated view.

From the Open Mobile Portal, you can:

Get connected

  • Configure iPass Open Mobile client profiles and distribute to mobile employees using Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Determine the mobility connectivity options for employees, leveraging the iPass Mobile Network or other mobility networks.

Take control

  • Implement cost control and security policies.
  • View iPass Open Mobile administrator guides and release notes.
  • View status of trouble tickets submitted to the iPass support team.
  • Set role-based access for different administrators in the IT group.

Gain insight

  • Summarize user connections for all Open Mobile users, showing information on user ID, device operating system, Open Mobile version in use, Open Mobile profile name and ID, VPN product in use, and detailed session information.
  • Provide a view of all connection attempts, successes, and failures broken out by connection type (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile broadband [3G/4G], and dial).
  • Show a visual summary of all mobility usage by network type (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile broadband [3G/4G], and dial).
  • Display mobile broadband (3G/4G) data usage (MBs used) by client operating system for both roaming and nonroaming usage.

Customer Testimonials

Ericsson Australia says:

More and more people are turning to Wi-Fi to put an end to unrealistic carrier roaming costs, and we needed a solution that was simple to deploy, easy to use, and solve the problem. We just want it to work. iPass works."

Guy Schofield, IT Delivery Manager

iPass Open Mobile Client is also available for:

For Laptops

Provides frictionless connectivity for mobile workers on Windows and Mac across iPass, customer, and third-party networks.

For Smartphones & Tablets

Consistent, intuitive experience for mobile workers who need to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots on the iPass Mobile Network.