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iPass Open Mobile client for smartphones and tablets

The iPass Open Mobile for smartphones and tablets delivers a consistent and intuitive experience for mobile workers who need to connect to the iPass Mobile Network from Android, iOS, and Windows 8/RT mobile devices.

iPass Open Mobile Client


iPass Open Mobile Client

iOS (iPhone)

iPass Open Mobile Client

Windows 8 Phone

iPass Open Mobile Client


iPass Open Mobile Client

iOS (iPad)

The iPass Open Mobile client for smartphones and tablets empowers mobile users and IT administrators to access the iPass Mobile Network across the globe and take control of difficult-to-manage distributed and disparate mobile devices. It's perfect for managing connectivity from BYOD and IT managed devices.

Supported devices:

  • Open Mobile for iOS: iOS 4.3 or later (including iOS 5.0.x) devices, including iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd Gen or later and iPad
  • Open Mobile for Android: Android 2.3 or later
  • Open Mobile for Windows Touch: Windows 8 and Windows RT
  • Open Mobile for Windows Phone: Windows Phone 8 or later
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Service brief: iPass Open Mobile

Key features:

  • iPass Wi-Fi connectivity:
    Provides the ability to connect to iPass Mobile Network Wi-Fi Hotspots using existing credentials or custom iPass credentials. Users enjoy a single, consistent interface when connecting allowing them to avoid purchasing Wi-Fi day passes or worry about roaming with cellular data.
  • At-a-glance dashboard:
    Provides a view of current connection status, historic data usage, and previous connections, plus a quick link to the iPass Hotspot finder.
  • Usage Meter (Wi-Fi + cellular data usage):
    Provides visual graphs representing historic data usage (MB/GB) over Wi-Fi and cellular data connections.
  • Usage Alerts (user defined):
    Users can set up usage alerts to notify themselves before reaching their cellular data limit on their smartphone and tablet. The alert notifications can be customized, based on the billing start date and monthly data limit.
  • iPass Hotspot Finder:
    A convenient tool enabling users to locate available iPass Wi-Fi hotspots through search or geolocation.

iPass Open Mobile Client is also available for:

For Laptops

Provides frictionless connectivity for mobile workers on Windows and Mac across iPass, customer, and third-party networks.


Provides visibility, control, and a high degree of automation for IT managers and others in managing mobility across the organization.