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How Wearables Are Changing the World

Smartphones have changed our world in countless ways - their use has obviously gone far beyond just a "phone", and these devices are used by hundreds of millions around the world for business, play, and anything you can think of. As these devices get more and more connectible, other everyday items such as glasses, watches, and shoes have followed suit in the past few years, becoming "wearable technology". For travellers, these devices can be invaluable.

Where it Starts - The Internet of Things

The "Internet of Things" - or IoT as it is commonly known - is a network of connected devices that interact with others wirelessly, allowing for these devices to seamlessly exchange data to each other. This every-growing network of connectable items is at the root of connectible devices.

While usage of IoT devices may vary on the country or region you are travelling in, they can be extremely helpful for navigation, money matters, and social media.

Business or Pleasure - More Everyday Connectivity

As wearables such as smart watches become more popular, people become even more connected. Social media, email, messaging, and other programs can now be accessed through wearable technologies.

For travellers, this can be integral for your safety and enjoyment. Need to get a hold of an emergency contact? They're just a click away from your connectable watch. Trying to count your mileage on a soul-searching hike? Devices in shoes by companies like Nike make this possible.

Take, for example, the massively popular image messaging program Snapchat. With millions of users worldwide, Snapchat has recently undergone a rebranding to Snap, Inc., and part of this rebranding has been the unveiling of a $130 pair of connected sunglasses called Spectacles. For the social traveller - looking to record every second of their trip and show it to all their friends and family - this is nothing short of a revelation.

Medicine - How Big Data Can Change Healthcare for Travellers

These devices can be used for more than business, communications, or leisure-IoT-connected devices such as heart monitors, blood pressure monitors, and other connectible medical devices can help those with chronic illnesses in immense ways.

If you are travelling with a health condition, these devices could be invaluable for you - they can track the state of your health, contact health care providers in the case of an emergency, and evaluate traveller insurance premiums.

With any connected device, though, you need a reliable pre-paid roaming service for all your connectivity needs. Contact iRoam today to see what kind of roaming solutions we have for you!

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