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How Much Data Does The Mobile Professional Need?

Gone are the days where every professional would sit at their desk in an office for eight hours each day and head home at night. In today’s society, a number of mobile professionals travel for work frequently, work remotely, attend meetings out of the office, and must be available for contact. They require high quality service at all times, which often means heavy phone and email use. It also necessitates quite a bit of data in order to maintain a high level of service to the company and its customers. But how much data does the mobile professional need? This number depends on a few factors.

Number of Devices

In general, the more devices someone has, the more data they will use on a regular basis. Common devices for mobile professionals include tablet computers, laptops, smartphones, and even wearable technology. The larger screen sizes on tablet devices and even some smartphones have increased the amount of video mobile professionals will stream, whether it is online or a conference call. The reason for this increase is because larger screens make watching video more enjoyable. Laptop computers have always had good screens for this, but the new devices have opened up new opportunities.

Beyond Emails

In the past, emails were simply messages containing text. Now, however, they are more than that. Many emails today will have presentations, text documents, images, and even videos attached to the main message. This increases the size of the email. The bigger the size of the email, the more data you need to send it to someone.

Increase in Cloud Applications

The amount of cloud applications applicable to business use has increased dramatically over the past few years. Popular applications include Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, and Sharepoint. With their applications to business, many companies now consider them essential to their daily activities, particularly in the case of mobile professionals, as it allows for easy document sharing and work-related chat among employees.

Voice over WiFi

Many companies are seeing an increase in the use of voice and video call applications over WiFi or a data connection as their employees become more mobile in terms of working remotely, when they are on business trips, offsite meetings, et cetera. One of the most popular applications is Skype for Business, which allows users to send messages, have video meetings, and share screens from a single application compatible with Microsoft Office.

Web Conferences

In addition to Skype For Business, there are also many other online applications that permit web conferences, whether it is restricted to voice-only or open to video. This allows mobile professionals to connect with their home office and with clients. They can even connect with multiple people at the same time.

What does all this mean for the data a mobile professional needs?

With average usage in relation to all the factors described above, a mobile professional will need approximately 760 megabytes of data every day or 4.5 gigabytes for every 6 days of business travel. This amount of data, however, is on the rise as new technology becomes available, business travel becomes more frequent, and the number of mobile professionals increase.

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