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Enterprise wireless connectivity solutions

Today's remote and mobile workers need access to important applications and business data while on the move or traveling in another country. iRoam offers proven and highly-affordable mobility solutions to connect your workforce and support mission-critical and day-to-day operations.


Affordable and secure mobile Internet with multi-device connectivity of up to 10 devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets in over 150 countries for as little as $13.95/day.



Users get fast and secure connectivity whether they roam domestically or internationally, including in-flight, via the world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network with over 57 million hotspots.


Corporate SIM Cards

iRoam's international roaming packages offer convenience with coverage in more than 200 countries, low rates, cost certainty, and savings of up to 90% for voice, sms and data.

Satellite Prepaid

For land, mobile and maritime customers using Iridium satellite phones, Iridium Voice Services convenient plans that work everywhere on the planet, without long-term contracts or billing hassles.