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Why iRoam?

From mobile device management to full mobility lifecycle enablement, iRoam offers a one-stop shop of scalable solutions that can help take your business where it needs to go and grow in today's highly competitive markets.


Our highly developed team of consultants and service representatives have over 10 years of best practices in telecommunications optimization and service delivery. Bringing solutions to both large and small organizations, iRoam's experience and expertise is globally recognized and championed among innovators in the telecom space.



iRoam and its partner networks bring together best-of-breed technologies to ensure network reliability, resiliency and security in 120+ countries and is continually expanding. We are committed to connecting your workforce, assets and customers wherever you choose to do business.



We have a wide range wireless solutions based around flexibility, quality, cost-effectiveness and built with your business in mind. iRoam can help your business develop customized strategies to manage user connectivity, operational efficiencies, and most importantly cost.


Our service offerings are unlike any other. We provide custom tailored solutions for all of your telecommunication needs. Whether you are a small business of 3 or an enterprise of thousands, we've partnered with top tier companies like iPass, Soti, McAfee and more to bring you a variety of business solutions all in one place.



Flexible data capping so you can throttle data but still enable access to critical corporate resources such as email and the company intranet. With over 10 different service offerings we've got it covered. We provide everything from advice, assistance, management strategies and solutions specifically designed to minimize time and expenses, while maximizing the efficiency of your company's telecom infrastructure.



Our commitment to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company. Our primary goal is sustaining long-term relationships with our clients by providing 24/7 customer service assistance. Our dedicated team of employees provides prompt and reliable services.

About iRoam

iRoam is a leading provider of global Wi-Fi, Mobile Data connectivity, and security solutions for the mobile Enterprise. Our mission is to enhance productivity, lower expenses, at the same time increasing security for the mobile workforce. With over 21 million hotspots and 3G Mobile data in over 148 countries, we connect business travellers to the Internet and corporate resources eliminating otherwise excessive roaming charges.

Our commitment to consistently providing the best possible products and services was recently strengthened by acquiring reputable brands Brightroam and G3 Wireless.

Through alliances with 340 cellular roaming partners globally (including Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2) iRoam provides secure and reliable international roaming service at significant discount to domestic carriers anywere in the world.

Our Partners

In partnership with leading technologies and newly developed products, iRoam brings tailored business solutions to your organization:

Some of the many brands that use our service: