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Business roaming reviews & testimonials

With over 10 years experience, iRoam is a leading provider of connectivity, management, and security solutions for the Enterprise, SMB and Individual user. In partnership with leading technologies and newly developed products, iRoam brings tailored business solutions to your organization. Read what some of our satisfied customers are saying about us.

The Fleshtones says:

I appreciate your prompt attention and I shall highly recommend the service to anyone who is on the road and needing wireless access - you all have been THE GREATEST!!
I travel internationally a lot with my band (the Fleshtones) as well as for my writing assignments and was looking for an easy, affordable way to stay in touch with my family and not miss important calls. Since I discovered iRoam, I can use my own phone in every country I travel to. Customer service, both on phone and by internet, is prompt and was very patient with a non-techie type like me. It sure beats buying local phone cards or waiting to use public phones.

Peter Zaremba

The Fleshtones

Real Mex Restaurants say:

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I know that I am quite pleased with iRoam's service; the excellent customer service adds immensely to the overall value of your service.
Both Real Mex and our customers have experienced the benefits of the iPass solution. Our customers are served more efficiently, our employees are more productive and the price performance of the system has exceeded our expectations. It's secure, fast and cost-effective—we're very happy with our decision.

John Koontz, Vice President of IT

Real Mex Restaurants

TD Banknorth says:

As our needs change, I am confident that CRYPTOCard will continue to provide us with an easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective solution.

TD Banknorth

City of Munich says:

In fact, over the three years that OM has been utilizing CRYPTOCard's authentication technology there has not been a single problem of any kind reported by a user or administrator.

Mr. Lorenzet, Oberfinanzdirektion Munchen

City of Munich

American Electric Supply says:

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your software and your support. I have implemented ScanMail for Exchange, ServerProtect, and OfficeScan Corporate Edition. They are all working great. The few questions I had were addressed quickly and professionally by your support staff. I especially appreciated that they followed up to make sure the issue was resolved. Thank you again for a great product and great support.

Tim Pratt , System Administrator

American Electric Supply Inc.